Our Dentist in Burlington Shares Three Key Steps to Healthy and Attractive Gums

Have you been showing your gums enough love?

Just like our teeth, our gums require daily TLC to stay in top shape. Caring for our gums every day helps to keep them healthy, attractive, and free of disease.

Have you been doing what you can to ensure healthy gums for life? Here are three key gum-loving habits that we swear by at our Burlington dental clinic:

1. Brush twice a day, and always floss daily, too:

It’s critical to make sure you’re brushing twice daily for 160 seconds (two full minutes) each time to ensure a proper clean, and to also make sure you’re flossing once daily, as well. Because contrary to what you may have heard… flossing matters a great deal, and is completely necessary for a healthy, clean smile.

Here’s what happens when you don’t floss: By not flossing daily, you’re letting harmful disease-causing bacteria fester between the teeth and below the gum line, which can rapidly lead to gum disease (starting with the earliest stage: “gingivitis”). This is why your gums may bleed if you’ve went a while - or even a day - without flossing.

If and when gingivitis progresses into a non-reversible form of gum disease called “periodontitis”, the gums will typically darken in colour and swell, and will begin to recede or pull away from the teeth. This is precious gum tissue that humans are incapable of growing back - and it’s at this stage where the teeth are at risk for becoming loose and falling out. Take it from our Burlington dentist – just floss!

2. Avoid aggressive or forceful brushing:

Brushing with too much force, especially with a hard-bristled toothbrush, is a surefire way to recede the gums over time – we’ve seen it happen. And remember, once you’ve lost your gum tissue, you can’t get it back (similar to our surface tooth enamel when enough of it has demineralized).

All in all, it’s much wiser to be gentle on both your gums and your teeth by using a tooth brush head with soft bristles. We promise that your teeth won’t be any less clean with a gentler technique!

3. Eat for a healthy smile:

Following a healthy and balanced diet, especially one that is high in calcium and Vitamin D, has actually been shown to reduce the risk of gum disease! And by upping the minerals and trying your best to keep processed foods and sugars at bay, you won’t only be contributing to a healthy smile and gums - but you’ll also be supporting an overall healthier body and more energized mood.

Love your gums, and they’ll show you love in return!

When you take great care of your gums, your smile will thank you. Our dentist in Burlington can also help you to achieve your healthiest smile… just book a visit with us today!