Achieving Oral Health at School in Three Simple Steps


Well, we’re finally well into September, and kiddos everywhere have hopefully settled back into their school routines! Has yours?

This month, our Burlington dentist wants to share three tips that will help to ensure your child’s smile is taken good care of, not just at home – but during school hours, as well!

  • Send your child to school with emergency tooth brush and floss

    While it’s not completely necessary for you to get your child into the habit of cleaning their teeth at school, it won’t hurt to teach them to brush and floss whenever they can after consuming anything high in sugar. Because let’s face it – sometimes, sweet snacks at school happen (more than just sometimes)! But other than that, as long as your child is brushing twice a day and flossing once – which can easily be accomplished outside of school hours – your little one’s on the right track!

  • Supply your child with water, not sugary drinks

    Sugary beverages like fruit juices and sodas will wreak havoc on your child’s teeth if you supply them with them regularly. This is because these drinks are typically sipped over longer periods of time, lingering on the teeth – making it more likely to lead to tooth decay. Swap out your child’s daily juice box for a sustainable bottle of water – in the long run, this will really help to protect your kid’s smile.

  • Choose dental-friendly snacks

    As you know, your child’s school lunch and snacks should be balanced and healthy – but also for their smile! Try to stick to one fruit snack instead of multiple. Dental-friendly foods include assortments of veggies and high-protein foods. Hard cheese is a great snack for teeth, as it helps to neutralize mouth acidity (which causes tooth decay), and is also rich in calcium – a very important mineral for our health.

We wish your little one/s a great new school year and a healthy smile for life!