Be Aware of These Three Potential Kissing Risks
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Kissing is a natural way that we show appreciation and affection to those we adore!

However, our Burlington dentist warns that there is some precaution you may want to take in your next smooch situation – because like many enjoyable things in life, kissing can pose some potential risks to our health if we’re not careful.

With that said, here are three potential ways you could be putting yourself at risk the next time you pucker up:

1. If your smooching partner is sick…

You’ll probably know whether your partner is suffering from a cold or flu – and so kissing them while they’re sick (obviously) is a risk totally up to you to take! The part you can’t really avoid, however, is kissing a person who is sick but who hasn’t yet experienced the symptoms – because this puts you at risk as well. Oh well.

2. If your lover has a cold sore…

As you probably know, cold sores are inflamed blisters that occur in or around the mouth. These unsightly sores are caused by the incurable herpes simplex virus, and unfortunately, it’s quite easy to contract if the person you’re kissing is experiencing an active outbreak. Doing a little visual assessment before you kiss can help to protect you.

3. If mononucleosis is in question…

Mononucleosis, commonly known as “mono”, is transmitted through salivary contact – so kissing isn’t actually the only way a person can catch it. Mononucleosis is most common in teenagers and young adults, with side effects that include a high fever, sore throat, severe fatigue, and body/muscle aches and weakness. It’s definitely something you’ll want to make sure your partner isn’t suffering from before smacking lips.

So, there you have it! Three risks (that are thankfully on the rare side) associated with kissing.

So… will you be a little more cautious the next time you go to lock lips? ;)