This National Children’s Dental Health Month…
Let’s Teach Children that the Dentist Is their Friend

Can you believe it? It’s already February! And you know what that means… it’s also National Children’s Dental Health Month!

Healthy Gums

But why is this month so important for little ones everywhere? Let’s talk about it.

When the Dentist Gets a Bad Rap…

Many children (and adults) today sadly fear the dentist. Many severe dental phobias actually begin in early childhood, and can be a result of a traumatic or scary experience. But in order for a person to maintain a healthy smile for life, they need to overcome their dental fears, no question. When a dental phobia carries out into adulthood and keeps a person from seeing the dentist regularly, a variety of oral health problems often surface – usually requiring extensive (and invasive) treatment.

Hey Kids: The Dentist is Your Friend!

In order to prevent your child from fearing the dentist, it’s important to make sure that their initial experiences in the dentist’s chair are with a caring, compassionate and gentle professional, like our Burlington dentist Dr. Samuel Toong. In addition to this, teach your child that going to the dentist is a positive and proactive thing to do… rather than something they just “have to do”, or something that can be a “pain”. Instilling a positive outlook about dental heath will set your child up for a life of great oral health and proper care.

Knowledge is Power

It’s important to educate your child about what can happen if they don’t take care of their mouth every day at home, or see the dentist regularly. A child will be much more inclined to practice good oral care habits if they know exactly why they should be doing it in the first place… rather than simply being told, “because you should”. Educate your child about tooth decay and gum disease, and remind them that they only have one permanent set of teeth for life. Provide them with as much information as possible… this can incite more curiosity about the subject, and will empower your little one to make their oral hygiene a priority!

Happy National Children’s Dental Health Month! Burlington dentist, wishes your little one great oral health for life.