The Importance of Finding the Right Dentist
Building a Healthy Relationship for a Healthy Smile!

Finding the Right Dentist

There's no doubt that building a positive and trusting relationship with your dentist is important for not only the health of your teeth, but for your overall dental experience. Both you and your dentist should always be pleased to see each other! With that said, it's smart to do a little research before settling on "the one".

Whether you're moving or are in need of a change, here are some things to keep in mind when scouting out a new dentist:

  1. Keep location in mind.
    No one likes to travel too far… especially if they don't need to. Start by researching dental practices that are within close proximity to you, and then further your research from there.
  2. Consider your individual needs.
    It's important to take certain factors into consideration. For example, if you require flexible hours or emergency availability, you should make sure your dentist/office can accommodate these needs.
    Also, did you know that certain dental practices specialize in dental anesthesia? In fact, Asleep for Dentistry is one of them! Dentists that specialize in dental anesthesia, such as Dr. Samuel Toong, have great experience comforting patients with dental anxiety or dental phobia. So, if you consider yourself to get anxious over anything dental-related… finding a dental practice that really understands the way you feel can be of a great help to you.
  3. Ask around, and seek out reviews.
    If you happen to be moving, asking your current dentist for a recommendation never hurts... and neither does a referral from the family doctor. In addition, asking close family and friends for their word is another convenient way to find the dentist you like. Seeking out any online reviews or testimonials can also help you gain a better understanding about the dentists you're considering.
  4. Get acquainted!
    Once you've made your decision, schedule that consultation! Prepare any questions you may have for your dentist before going in. Some things you may want to ask include, "How long have you been practicing for?", and "Do you offer any payment plans?". As you speak with the dentist, you'll be able to determine whether they make you feel comfortable, and whether it's a connection you'll want to continue!
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