Why Make Better Oral Hygiene a Goal for 2019?
Prevention is always key!

Make Better Oral Hygiene a Goal for 2019

We’ve got four strong reasons why.

Can you believe it’s already the New Year? Time really does fly.

If you’ve been thinking of ways to improve your health or lifestyle for 2019 and beyond, your smile is a great place to start – especially if you can admit to slacking in that department.

A Healthier Smile for 2019

Excellent oral care is very important for not only the health of your smile, but the health of your whole body. An adequate care routine includes brushing twice a day for two whole minutes at a time, as well as flossing once daily… and not forgetting to see the dentist regularly (approx. at 6-month intervals) or as necessary.

Sometimes, patients who are slacking simply need a little push and could use a little more knowledge on the subject – because knowledge truly is power! In order to successfully motivate yourself to take up better practices, it can be helpful to familiarize yourself with the importance of good oral care.

Why begin on a new and improved dental hygiene routine?

Asleep for Dentistry has many reasons as to why you should! Here are just some of them:

Protect your body.
Good oral hygiene means a healthier body. There are many systemic diseases (including heart disease) that have an association with poor oral health; namely periodontal disease or poor gum health. Yet another great reason to floss every day!

Maintain attractiveness.
A clean and healthy smile is a much more attractive one! Proper daily care ensures the health and attractiveness of your teeth and gums, for now and for life.

Keep bad breath at bay.
A cleaner mouth equals fresher breath… because no one wants to be face-to-face with a mouth hosting a stinky case of halitosis.

Save money and time.
Protecting your oral health will not only be doing your body a favour, but it will be doing your wallet a favour, as well! Dental treatments can add up, so it’s smart to practice great oral hygiene every day to help stay clear of requiring any preventable procedures.

Is your fear of the dentist holding you back?

Many patients have unfortunately developed a crippling fear surrounding the dentist and dental office, and it is often due to past traumatic experiences that they experienced as a child. And then, there are some patients with a milder anxiety who may still see their dentist – but maybe not as often as they should.

If this sounds like you, please know that you are not alone. In fact, our Burlington sedation dentist Dr. Samuel Toong has great experience with patients who suffer from dental anxiety, and he understands how this can keep them away from dental office. But we want to help you change your feelings about dentistry from distressing to wonderful! And we promise you, it is possible.

With our many sedation services and relaxing dental environment, we can provide you with the most comfortable dental experience possible. This is what we do best! Dr. Sam will make sure that you receive the compassionate and pain-free treatment that you so deserve.

Let us take care of you.

Are you ready to take on a positive outlook on dental health for 2019? Don’t hesitate to call us today!