5 Reasons Why Miss Indiana Has A Great Smile

Mekayla Diehl was eliminated from the Miss USA pageant last Sunday apparently because of her “normal” body type. What the judges missed was her great smile! When comparing smiles from some of the other contestants, Miss Indiana has one of the best smiles in the competition. Let us look at 5 reasons why a smile looks great!

  1. Alignment – This is the first thing that everybody looks at and it is the most obvious. A tooth that is too far forward or behind other teeth is a big eye sore. Alignment is not just how the teeth follow one another in the arch of the mouth, but also the angle which the top and bottom of the teeth lie. Teeth do not just sit up straight in the mouth, but slight angles are created and make a more appealing look.
  2. Proportions – There is a rule in esthetics that states that the size and amount of tooth that you see must have the proper proportions. This is often why some people look like they have buck teeth even when the teeth look like the right size. When we see too little of one tooth or too much of another, it makes the teeth look odd and out of place, fake. How much of what we see is important to the overall esthetics
  3. Shape - Not all teeth are the same shape and size. The shape of a tooth must match the architecture of the rest of the face. Typically when I see bad veneers, this is one of the main reasons why they look fake and odd. A rounder face has a rounder and softer look to the tooth and a more square face has a more prominent and sharper angles to the tooth.
  4. Smile Line – This refers to how much of the teeth you see. The ideal smile has the bottom lip just touching and following the edge of upper teeth. There can be slight variations in this, but if it is too much, the tooth will look too short or too long. As well, we should not see too much of the gum tissues above the upper teeth. When we see too much it creates a buck tooth appearance and the teeth can appear short.
  5. Colour – If you've ever went to get white paint, you know that white is not just white. You also know that when you look at something white it may not look that white when you compare it to different colour backgrounds. A beautiful natural shade of white must be compared to one's skin tone. People with fair skin need to have a whiter, lighter shade than those with a darker complexion. Too white and you'll look like Ross Geller from the TV show “Friends” and that isn't desirable at all.

Reading some of her comments after her elimination reminds me that true beauty is from within. Still, it doesn't hurt to have a great smile to go along with it. Give us a call for a consultation, we'd love to help.

Dr. Toong