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Frequent snackers & sippers; beware!

Taking Care of Your Smile On-The-Go

Are you a frequent sweet beverage sipper, or a regular snacker on foods that aren’t veggies? If so, you may want to keep reading (that is, if you care about your oral health).

Our Burlington dentist warns that snacking or sipping regularly on anything containing sugar or carbohydrates is a habit that no smile appreciates. And if you aren’t willing to cut out the habit, your oral health will surely benefit from a little extra on-the-go care!

A clean smile, no matter where you may be…

It’s very easy to keep up good oral hygiene habits outside of the home! It doesn’t need to be a pain. Here are four ways you can do so:

1. Leave a toothbrush and floss at work, or travel with them everywhere you go.

A portable or mini toothbrush and floss is always a great thing to have with you at all times for when a more thorough clean is most necessary. And get this – you don’t even need to bring toothpaste with you! Simply wet your toothbrush and brush away the particles of food that are stuck to your teeth’s surfaces.

2. Chew sugar-free gum between snacks and meals.

Chewing sugar-free gum throughout the day, especially after snacks and meals, is probably the simplest way you can protect your smile on-the-go, and is incredibly effective! Chewing sugar-free gum actually boosts saliva production, and believe it or not, saliva is one of the strongest defenses against tooth decay/cavity formation. It can also reduce the levels of harmful cavity-causing acids in the mouth. So if you’ve already been an avid sugarless gum chewer for quite some time, this may come as a pleasant surprise!

3. Drink/swish water in your mouth after every snack.

Drinking water or swishing it around in your mouth after every time you consume a food or beverage containing sugars or carbohydrates is another great way to help protect your teeth. Water will help to swish the particles of food and bacteria from off of the teeth’s surfaces.

So, grazers and sippers… you be practicing on-the-go smile care from now on? We sure hope so! Your smile will thank you in the long-run.