A Nightmare from the Dentist's Chair? Sedation Can Ease Your Dental Phobia

Sedation Can Ease Your Dental Phobia

While our worst fears can wreak havoc on our lives from time to time, a particular phobia can be very harmful to the health of our mouths.

Dental Phobia, or Dental Anxiety, is a common condition that causes sufferers to avoid visiting the dentist at all costs. Though some people may experience a normal fear of the dentist - Dental Phobia keeps patients from important visits. Years spent away from the dentist's office can lead to an unsightly smile, and pose a serious threat to one's health. This phobia can be triggered early on due to a faulty or painful dental incident as a child - or can even take its toll later on as an adult after a bad dental experience. Others suffer from this phobia as a distressing side effect to previous traumatic experiences.

Thankfully, there's a great solution available to treat patients suffering from dental anxieties: Sleep Dentistry! Most family dentists are happy to refer patients to a sleep dentistry specialist if they feel they would benefit from the service.

Asleep for Dentistry's Sedation Specialist: Dr. Toong

A Certified Specialist in Dental Anesthesia at Asleep for Dentistry, Dr. Toong is an expert at relaxing anxious patients. Asleep for Dentistry is very lucky to have him, as not many dentists specialize in his field! Patients are always happy to receive sedative service from him if they come in feeling uneasy about their procedure or treatment.

Dr. Toong is able to determine which type of sedation a patient should receive by choosing an appropriate method that they are most comfortable with. While sedation methods exist to help comfort patients, some patients are afraid of this approach. However, risks associated with sedation are very rare and usually only occur if the anesthetic has not been properly administered and monitored. Our Dr. Toong always takes all of the necessary precautions to avoid these risks.

Both adults and children suffering from dental phobia and anxiety can take advantage of sedative methods administered by Dr. Toong. With children, it's important to choose the right treatment approach. With training in paediatric oral sedation, Dr. Toong is able to provide children with a pleasant and anxiety-free dental experience. Children also appreciate knowing what to expect when going in for a dental visit - and Dr. Toong isn't one to deliver any surprises! Adult patients with significant dental fear who need initial help getting back into the dentist's chair can also benefit from sedation dentistry.

If you fear you might be suffering from dental-related anxiety keeping you from the dentist, Asleep for Dentistry can help you with our sedation services.

Patients are always happy to receive sedative service from Dr. Toong if they come in feeling uneasy about their treatment. Call us today and take the first step to a healthier outlook on dentistry!