Sleep Dentistry and Dental Emergencies
Accidents Happen!

Have you ever experienced a dental emergency?

Sleep Dentistry and Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can be quite scary to experience – especially for patients with dental anxiety or dental phobia. When an emergency strikes, anxious patients may act much more hesitant about visiting their dentist to address the problem – and in many cases, this neglect will only lead to serious complication and long-term damage.

Luckily, Asleep for Dentistry's Dr. Samuel Toong specializes in Dental Anesthesia and is very experienced when it comes to ensuring a patient feels as relaxed and anxiety-free as possible during treatment. Usually, an anxious patient can be sedated for any procedure or treatment they may require (they just need to ask)! When it comes to emergencies, sleep dentistry can be very beneficial for a patient feeling very worrisome or stressed about their accident.

Common dental emergencies that a patient may experience include:

A spontaneous toothache.
A toothache may be an indication of a crack or infection in the tooth, especially if it comes about randomly (without a trigger such as a hot or cold temperature). See your dentist right away.

A chipped/broken tooth.
A chipped or broken tooth can provide an access for bacteria and ultimately, infection. Small cracks or chips in the tooth can often be repaired with a filling to prevent further damage, or more serious damage may require an onlay, crown or root canal treatment. See your dentist as soon as possible.

A knocked-out tooth.
If you save your tooth, holding it by the crown and not the root, you may be able to have it successfully implanted back into its socket (especially if you see the dentist within the hour of the incident). Hold the tooth in place inside its socket on the way to the dentist, or alternatively, keep it in the mouth next to the cheek or store it in milk.

A partly dislodged tooth.
A tooth that has been displaced still has a chance of being repositioned into its original placement as long as you seek care as soon as possible.

If your dental anxiety is keeping you from seeing the dentist for regular check-ups (or potentially from a dental emergency that requires professional attention), book an appointment with the friendly Dr. Samuel Toong today. Don’t ignore your fear any longer! Your anxiety could be putting your health at serious risk.