Even for Cases of Periodontal Disease, Sleep Dentistry is Your Friend!

Sleep Dentistry is Your Friend!

About 80% of Canadians will experience Periodontal Disease, or Gum Disease, at some point in their lives. This risky oral condition usually begins when there is a substantial build up of plaque in a patient's mouth, and will advance if neglected professional treatment. Luckily, Sleep Dentistry allows dentists to treat patients with significant gum disease with ease!

Asleep for Dentistry's Dr. Toong is a trained Burlington Dentist and Certified Specialist in Dental Anaesthesia. His expertise in the field of Sleep Dentistry makes him an excellent choice above other dental practices without a specialist of his kind. He treats many patients with mild to severe cases of periodontal disease on a daily basis.

To Sedate or Not to Sedate?

Many severe cases of periodontal disease in a patient will require sedation with treatment. After a thorough oral evaluation, Dr.Toong will know if a patient should receive anaesthesia. He will be able to determine this by taking a few things into consideration - like the severity of disease, how long the treatment is expected to take, and the patient's medical history.

A Sleep Dentistry allows the dentist to work safely and effectively. Sedation methods minimize any uncontrolled movement from the patient, which can make it nearly impossible for the dentist to perform the treatment. These services also allow for optimal patient cooperation giving the dentist freedom to operate for as long as they need to without discomfort or exhaustion experienced by the patient. Best of all procedures that would require multiple visits can be completed in fewer sessions with the help of sedation services!

Can I use Sleep Dentistry if my treatment doesn't require it?

Patients who experience dental anxiety or feelings of intense fear before their treatment can always ask their dentist about whether or not sedation would be appropriate for them. The dentist will usually advise that the patient only use these services if their level of dental anxiety is severe.

It's safe to say that Sleep Dentistry can be a godsend to dental phobia sufferers, and is very helpful to dentists performing particular treatments. Don't forget to book an appointment with your dentist if you're due for a cleaning to keep gum disease at bay! Asleep for Dentistry in Burlington offers many services to help you keep on top of your oral health.